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The Messenger

Muḥammad is the beloved being

of the supreme Divine Being

His light for the souls

Is the better healing

His guidance to us is the real light

To support his religion, we will ever fight

Loyalty to him is our law

And who hates him is our foe


O Muḥammad,

you are the bright light of God's throne

You are the smile of the newborn dawn

And the light of prophethood

And the glory of manhood

And the leader of all the righteous

You are the verity, the beauty, and the might of mighty

You are the heroism, the manliness, the modesty, and the purity

You are the bravery, the redemption, and the generosity


O Muḥammad the steel takes its strength from yours

And the courage of lions is only rays of yours

And the winds learned how to be bountiful from you

You have trained the troops of the Glorious Truth

And by them, you defeated injustice, arrogance, tyranny & filth

You are the best soldier

And the greatest honor of soldiers


O Muḥammad, You are the smile of the newborn dawn

And the best creature ever appeared

And the truth, the light, the mercy, and the law

O you are the advent of the sweet hopes

By your light all are worshiping God; the true Light

Out of its love to you, generosity is seeking you

And the virtues and noble values all are following you

You had affirmed always your complete humanity

While denying any pretense of divinity


O Muḥammad, you are the dawn of the birth of this universe

And to it you are the mercy and the tenderness

By the grace of God, in every field you are the first, you are the best

Your light is filling the East and the West

How you endured inanity of jealous & catty

O intercessor of all creatures in the terrible day

You are the treasure of the worlds

Your message is the ultimate Divine word


O Muḥammad

You are the loyalty to God, the love to God, the devotion to God

Heaven is honored by you

And its light is from the light of you

And the stars & the trees & the seas are grateful to you

All the peace of God is surrounding you


O Muhammad; you are the evidence, the sign & the argument

Your enemies will be receiving the severest punishment

As you defeated them in your life; you will defeat them in all the lives

And you will defeat their falsehood & fallacies

You're the embodiment of God's mercy

And of the best attributes and all the excellences



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